It's 2020 and where the hell have I been...

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Listen...just when I thought I would be writing my own personal blog REGULARLY.....that shit didn't happen.

I became so busy writing for other platforms, getting Black Girl Pilates running on its own and many other personal things, that I just forgot that I enjoy writing for my own damn self. Yes, it took me two years to get back to my own blog post. Guess what happened? The Corona Virus and Quarantine....

Now I'm not saying I have been overly productive during this time because honestly, I have been extremely anxious and managing my depression with the help of my therapist (might I add that Celexa and Wellbutrin are the shiznit) All of a sudden I woke up today and decided to work on updating my personal website and I am writing this blog.

Besides that, I have been all around the world with Black Girl Pilates visiting the sisters and now the brothers ( @melaninbrothersofpilates). I have had the pleasure of being a guest on some amazing podcasts and wrote some thought provoking articles on racism, fitness, white supremacy, cultural appropriation etc.

After 7 years as a Bronx resident, I moved back to Manhattan and in the midst of that found competitive

power-lifting as my new sport of choice. My son graduated high school and is now a sophomore in college. My daughter is a grown ass woman and becoming more beautiful everyday.

So what up doe Sonja? I am just trying to make sure my family is safe/healthy and write more about whatever the fuck I want. This is only the beginning.

#life #coronavirus #transitions #pilates #blackwomen #blackmen #change

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